Cumulus is a depiction of a cloud, one of the characteristic elements of the Dutch landscape. In the village of Zwartsluis, in the middle of the flatlands of The Netherlands, these classic clouds, so often portrayed in the Golden Age of Dutch painting, are wonderfully and ubiquitously present.

In Cumulus, a pixilated cloud has been painted on the underside of a drawbridge. When the bridge is open, the cloud - which blends into both the landscape and sky, as though a continuation of both - can be seen from a great distance, particularly from the provincial roads leading into Zwartsluis. As one approaches the open bridge, the image disintegrates into small squares: the pixels. As the light or the skyscape shifts, Cumulus also changes, allowing the observer varying viewing experiences, much in the same way that each person sees something different in a cloud's form.

Commissioned by Combinatie Strukton Reef
Production by Van Iwaarden Artwork, Barneveld
Color code: skyblue / RAL 5015 and lightgray / RAL 9002
Size: 21635 x 12870 mm

Zwartsluis (The Netherlands)