Fair Game # 2

Fair Game asks the viewer to engage with the piece by choosing and mixing music. A turntable is set in the middle of a rural landscape. Records are displayed around the landscape. Battle scenes are glued to the tops of the records, and their labels are covered so that the music played will be arbitrary and a surprise. Music alters our mental state; each record unpredictably changes how we relate to the landscape before us. Fair Game allows us to experience first-hand the common practice of using music during war to create an atmosphere. The German army especially employed this during World War II, and its powerful effect can be seen in the film “Apocalypse Now”, when American soldiers blast Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” menacingly from open aircraft.

group exhibition ‘Landslide’; Kunstencentrum Signe.
Heerlen (The Netherlands)

225x175x90 cm
wood, wax and graphite, recordplayer, soundinstallation, speakers, records, miniature figures.