In Transit

At Studio No. 22 in the MeetFactory in Prague, eight artists were asked to work on an “action-reaction” project. Each one of them spent up to six weeks in residence there and continued work on the installation left by his or her predecessor. Thus, a collective art work and a collection of individual works were developed in this studio. Walter van Broekhuizen’s contribution to the project was an oversized model of the world seen outside the studio; a cityscape of railroad tracks, trains and streetcars made from foam board; a reaction to the physical surroundings of the MeetFactory, the view out of the studio, and the inconvenience of the artist’s position.
This work is a representation of the present day urban landscape of transportation and transition and finds its inspiration in the Langwell model of Prague, a three-dimensional illustration of the city created in 1820. The visitor is invited to get lost in the landscape, stare out the windows to find the exact landscape in which he stands on the other side of the glass – a landscape repeating itself in a landscape.

Artist residence project 'Wednesday, Meatloafday' / Studio no.22
MeetFactory, Prague (Czech Republic)

400x500 cm
foamboard, wood