Rabbit Island Exhibition

Rabbit Island Artist in Residence Exhibition in DeVos Art Musuem, Northern Michigan University - Marquette, Michigan, USA.
The Rabbit Island Residency exhibition highlights the work of five artists who spent 2-4 weeks on the island between June and September of the previous year. The 2017 exhibition featured visual artists Luce Choules (UK), the collaborative US-based group of Jack Forinash, Kelly Gregory and Mary Rothlisberger and Walter van Broekhuizen (NL).

Walter's contribution to the exhibition was composed of three works: 'Untitled; tree' is a tree made from what these days passes for wood - MDF, plywood, etc. - as nature in counterfeit form, made with its own materials. Perched on the tree's branches are paper birds made on Rabbit Island during Walter's residency in the summer of 2016. 'Fool's Paradise' is a series of six black and white National Geographic-style nature photos, mounted on a wall. The photos are of the same paper birds made on Rabbit Island, perched or in-flight throughout the island's wilderness.
'Landscape' is a video of the outer edge of Rabbit Island, in its entirety; a panoramic view from outside looking inwards, flattened into a singularly dimensioned, unending landscape.

DeVos Art Museum
Northern Michigan University
Marquette, Michigan. USA