Sfear fan Ynset

Kunsthuis SYB presents the first edition of a festival for visual art that will take place every three years: the Triennial of Beetsterzwaag. For the triennial, SYB returns artworks back to the village in which they were once created. It concerns artworks that were born in Beetsterzwaag over the last fifteen years, but have blossomed into being elsewhere. SYB has asked the artists to return to Friesland and to relate with their work once more to the village and surrounding countryside, as part of an art route that offers something different every day.

In the film Une Condition Naturelle, Walter van Broekhuizen and Arjen de Leeuw try to become uncivilized. They play two urbanites eager to find nature, both in the landscape, and in themselves. Through various rituals – sitting by a campfire, chopping down a tree – we begin to see the collapse of the divide between nature and civilization, as the characters build themselves ironic sets and situations in order to discover it.

This film was created at a residency in the Frisian ‘wilderness’ in 2011.
See: Une Condition Naturelle

Sfear fan Ynset / First Triennal of Beetsterzwaag
group exhibition in public space
Kunsthuis SYB
Beetsterzwaag (The Netherlands)

Running time 12.55 min
Format HDV 1080p
Aspect ratio 16:9